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School Class Professor
Boston College Law School Employment Law Kohler, Thomas
Boston College Law School Immigration Consequences of Criminal Convictions Hong, Kari
Brooklyn Law School Federal Criminal Investigation Ross, Neil
California Western School of Law Criminal Procedure Yeager, Daniel B.
DePaul University College of Law Federal Criminal Law Goodman, Len
Florida Coastal School of Law Financial Literacy for Lawyers Dearing, Vicki
Florida State University College of Law Alternative Dispute Resolution Polston, Ricky
Florida State University College of Law Land Use Regulation Wiseman, Hannah
Florida State University College of Law Oil and Gas Wiseman, Hannah
George Washington University Law School Professional Responsibility Cheh, Mary
Georgetown University Law Center International Commercial Arbitration Whitesell, Anne Marie
Georgetown University Law Center U.S. Taxation of Foreign Persons Murray, Fred
New England Law, Boston Advanced Legal Analysis Coulthard, Robert
New York Law School Accounting for Lawyers Campbell, Pamela
NYU Race and the Law Stevenson, Bryan
Rutgers University, Newark American Legal History Dennis, Donna
Seton Hall Intellectual Property Licensing Farber, Michele
SUNY Buffalo Law School Sports Law Drew, Helen
Temple University Law of E Commerce Peirce, Richard
University of California, Berkeley Hedge Funds: Structuring, Advising and Regulating Martin, Frank
University of California, Hastings Financial Crises & Regulation Crawford, John
University of California, Los Angeles Real Estate Transactions Muller, Thomas
University of Denver Constitutional Law II Leong, Nancy
University of Nebraska Agriculture Law Schutz, Anthony
University of Nebraska Agriculture Law Schutz, Anthony
University of Nebraska International Perspectives Schaefer, Matt
University of Oklahoma College of Law Real Estate Transactions Guzman, Katheleen
University of Pennsylvania Constitutional Law I Berman, Mitchell
University of Richmond Evidence Douglass, John
University of Virginia Professional Responsibility Hylton, J. Gordon
University of West Los Angeles - UWLA Criminal Motion and Practice Mancini, Stephen
Valparaiso University School of Law Administrative Law Moskowitz, Seymour