1L Contracts Casebook (Epstein)

School Class Professor
Ave Maria School of Law Contracts Tracey, Timothy
Brooklyn Law School Contracts Cohen, Neil
Charlotte School of Law Contracts Osborn, Chris
Florida State University College of Law Contracts Markell, Bruce
Georgetown University Law Center Contract LLM Tomassetti, Julia
Harvard Law School Contracts Kennedy, Randall
Hofstra Law School Contracts II Lyman, Miriam
Mississippi College School of Law Contracts Henkel, Christoph
New York Law School Contracts Shadab, Houman B.
Notre Dame Law School Contracts Tidmarsh, Jay
Penn State Contracts Fox, William F.
Pepperdine University School of Law Contracts Boliek, Babette
Texas A&M (Texas Wesleyan) Contracts Barnes, Wayne R.
University of Akron Contracts Vacca, Ryan
University of California, Berkeley Contracts Rana, Shruti
University of Denver Contracts Moffat, Viva
University of San Francisco Law School Contracts Freiwald, Susan
University of South Carolina Contracts Adams, Gregory
UNLV, Boyd School of Law Contracts Rowley, Keith
Washington University School of Law Contracts De Geest, Gerrit
Whittier Law School Contracts Aloni, Erez
Whittier Law School Contracts Cohen, Warren H.
Widener University, Delaware Contracts Wladis, John D.