Patent Law, Cases and Materials - Third Edition - Adelman, Rader, Thomas

School Class Professor
Chicago-Kent College of Law Patent Hulbert, Bradley
Cleveland-Marshall College of Law Patent Practice and Strategies Adams, Thomas
Drexel University School of Law Patent Connuck, Paul
Fordham Law School Patent Strandburg, Katherine
Rutgers University, Newark Patent Safrin, Sabrina
South Texas College of Law Houston Agency, Partnership and the LLC Field, Ted
South Texas College of Law Houston Patent Shurn, Peter
Thomas Jefferson School of Law Patent Simon, Brenda
Tulane University School of Law Patent Prosecution Nehrbass, Seth M.
University of Cincinnati Patent Acheson, Edwin R.
University of Florida Patent Rowe, Elizabeth
University of Illinois Patent Kesan, Jay
University of Miami Patent Flint, Nancy J.
University of San Diego Patent Sichelman, Ted
University of Virginia Patent Bagley, Margo