Foundations of Law

School Professor Text Book    
Campbell University McQuade, J. Stanley Foundations of Law "An Introduction to the Ideas Underlying the Theory and Practice of Law"
Duke University School of Law Boyle, James Custom Course Packet
Duke University School of Law Salzman, James 2014 - No text required
Jones School of Law Hammond, Jeffrey Material made available through digital format designed by professors on Xanedu.com
Jones School of Law Hammond, Jeffrey No Text Book
Jones School of Law MacLeod, Adam Foundations of Law 2017 by: MacLeod, Adam
Jones School of Law McFarland, Robert MacLeod, Adam & McFarland, Robert L. Foundations of Law 2017 ISBN-13: 978-1-5310-0463-7
Liberty University Lindevaldsen, Rena None - professors handouts and blackboard documents
Regent University Brauch, Jeffrey Dean Jeffrey Brauch A Higher Law: Readings on the Influence of Christian Thought in Anglo-American L