Barry Adler

School Class Text Book  
New York Law School Contracts Fall 2005
NYU Bankruptcy Bankruptcy - Baird, Jackson, Adler
NYU Bankruptcy Bankruptcy - Baird, Jackson, Adler
NYU Contracts 1L contracts book, red cover
NYU Contracts Barnett - 1L Contracts Book
NYU Contracts Barnett — Contracts, Cases and Doctrine Fourth Edition (Aspen) 2008
NYU Contracts Barnett, CONTRACTS -- Cases and Doctrine (5th ed. 2012)
NYU Contracts Barnett, Randy. Contracts: Cases & Doctrine Casebook 5th ed. ISBN: 9781454809982. Wolters Kluwer.
NYU Contracts Can't Remember
NYU Contracts Contracts Barnett
NYU Contracts unknown
NYU Contracts unknown
NYU Torts Abraham, Kenneth. The Forms and Functions of Tort Law  4th ed.    ISBN: 9781609300531. Foundation Press. 
NYU Torts Franklin & Rabin, Tort Law & Alternatives: Cases & Materials (9th edition), 2011, Foundation Press
NYU Torts Franklin, Rabin & Green, Tort Law and Alternatives (9th ed. 2011)
NYU Torts Tort Law and Alternatives, Franklin-Rabin-Green, 9th edition