Kevin E. Davis

School Class Text Book  
NYU Contracts 1L Contracts (Farnsworth - 8th Edition)
NYU Contracts Contacts Farnsworth, Sanger, Cohen, Brooks, and Garvin (8th)
NYU Contracts Contracts - Barnett, 3rd Ed.
NYU Contracts Contracts (Casebook) by Farnsworth
NYU Contracts Contracts, Cases and Materials, 8th Edition, Farnsworth, Sanger, Cohen, Brooks, Garvin
NYU Contracts Farnsworth et al., Contracts: Cases and Materials (9th ed.)
NYU Contracts Farnsworth, Sanger, Cohen, Brooks and Garvin. Selections for Contracts, 2016 ed. ISBN: 9781634602952. Foundation Press.
NYU Contracts Mueller and Kirkpatrick. Evidence Under The Rules 8th ed. 2014 ISBN: 9781454849520. Aspen.