Northern Illinois University College of Law

ClassProfessorText Book   
Administrative LawParness, JeffAdministrative Law (Cass, Diver, Beerman)
Administrative LawParness, JeffAdministrative Law (Schwartz Corrado 6th ed.)
Administrative LawWidman, AmyFederal Administrative Law, 5th Edition, Gary Lawson
Advanced Torts: Dignitary and Economic HarmsRigertas, Laurel A.2012 - No Textbook
AgencyWalton, JohnAgency & Partnership
AgencyWalton, JohnAgency and Partnerships
AgencyWalton, JohnAgency, Partnerships and Limited Liability Entities: Cases and Materials on Unincorporated Business
AgencyWalton, JohnAgency, Partnerships, and Limited Liability Entities
AgencyWalton, JohnAgency, Partnerships, and Limited Liability Entities: Klein, Ramseyer, Bainbridge 2nd edition
Agency and PartnershipsWalton, JohnAgency, Partnership & LLC
Agency, Partnership and the LLCWalton, JohnAgency, Partnerships, and Limited Liability Entities: Klein, Ramseyer, Bainbridge 2nd edition
AntitrustJones, Robert L.Antitrust Law - Sullivan, Hovenkamp
BankruptcySchneider, DanielText Unknow
BankruptcySchneider, DanielThe Law of Debtors and Creditors by Warren & Westbrook, 6th. ed.
Business Associations (See also Corporations)Coles, KathleenBusiness Associations : J. Mark Ramseyer, Stephen M. Bainbridge, William A Klein
Civil Procedure IParness, Jeff1L Civ Pro book
Civil Procedure ITaylor, David1L Civil Procedure Casebook by Yeazell
Civil Procedure ITaylor, DavidCivil Procedure - Yeazell
Civil Procedure IITaylor, DavidCivil Procedure Yeazell
Conflicts of LawJones, Robert L.Conflict of Laws: Cases, Materials, and Problems (Laura Little)
Constitutional Law IArriola, ElviaConstitutional Law
Constitutional Law IIArriola, Elvia1L Constitutional Law Chemerinsky
Constitutional Law IICordes, Mark W.2L Constitutional Law - Chemerinsky red book
Constitutional Law IICordes, Mark W.Conlaw II
Constitutional Law IICordes, Mark W.Constitutional Law: Cases, History, and Dialogues
Constitutional Law IICordes, Mark W.Constitutional Law: Cases, History, and Dialogues
Constitutional Law IISchlam, Lawrence1L Constitutional Law
ContractsReynolds, Daniel S.Cases and Materials on Contracts (7 ed Farnsworth)
ContractsReynolds, Daniel S.Contracts (Casebook) by Farnsworth
ContractsReynolds, DanContracts, Farnsworth, 6th ed.
Contracts IIGaebler, David B.Contracts, Cases and Materials - Hamilton, Rau, Weinstraub, 2nd ed.
Contracts IIReynolds, DanNot sure
Criminal LawFalkoff, Marc D.1l Criminal Law Book Dressler
Criminal LawFalkoff, Marc D.Criminal Law- Kadish- 7th ed
Criminal LawSchmall, Lorrainecrim law
Criminal LawSchmall, LorraineCriminal Law
Criminal LawSchmall, LorraineCriminal Law: Cases and Materials Second Edition
Criminal ProcedureFalkoff, Marc D.2012 Criminal Procedure by Chemerinsky and Levenson
Criminal Procedure IIFalkoff, Marc D.Allen, Stuntz, Hoffman, Livingston & Leipold, Comprehensive Criminal Procedure (“CCP”) (3d ed. 2011)
Criminal Procedure IIFalkoff, Marc D.Crim Pro case book
Criminal Procedure: AdjudicationO'Malley, JackComprehensive Criminal Procedure 3rd Edition
Environmental LawBrown, JeffreyENVIRONMENTAL LAW
EvidenceJones, Robert L.David Leonard & Victor Gold, Evidence: A Structured Approach (Aspen Publishers, 2d ed. 2008)
EvidenceTaylor, DavidEVIDENCE
Family Law (see also Marital Property)Arriola, ElviaWork of the Family Lawyer
Federal Courts and JurisdictionFalkoff, Marc D.Federal Jurisdiction
Health LawNaftzger, JayHealth Law, Cases, Materials and Problems, 6th (American Casebook Series), By Barry R. Furrow, Thoma
Health LawNaftzger, JayHealth Law: Cases, Materials and Problems 6th Ed.
Insurance LawNaftzger, JayText unknown
Intellectual PropertyWalton, JohnINTELLECTUAL PROPERTY
Intellectual PropertyWalton, JohnINTELLECTUAL PROPERTY
International LawBrown, JeffreyINTERNATIONAL LAW
Land UseCordes, Mark W.LAND USE
Landlord-Tenant LawLuna, GuadalupeLandlord Tenant Law - Luna
MediationGreen, LeonaMediation Principles
Professional ResponsibilityReynolds, Daniel S.unknown
Professional ResponsibilityRigertas, Laurel A.Problems in Legal Ethics, Schwartz, et al. 8th Edition
Property ICordes, Mark W.own notes - no book
Property ICordes, Mark W.Property Dukeminier 6th Edition
Property ICordes, Mark W.Property Dukeminier 7th, 2011 978-07355-88998
Property IKing, YolandaProperty: A Contemporary Approach
Property ILuna, Guadalupe1L Property
Property ILuna, GuadalupeProperty
RemediesLuna, GuadalupeModern American Remedies: Cases and Materials, by Douglas Laycock
RemediesLuna, GuadalupeREMEDIES
SalesGaebler, David B.Whaley- Problems and Materials on the Sale and Lease of Goods
TortsBrown, Jefferytorts and compensation 4th edition
TortsNaftzger, Jaydobbs
TortsNaftzger, JayProsser, Wade and Schwartz, TORTS: Cases and Materials, (11th Ed. Foundation Press)
TortsNaftzger, JayTorts & Compensation Personal Accountability & Social Responsiblity for Injury 5th ed.
TortsParness, JeffTorts
TortsRigertas, Laurel A.1L Torts
TortsRigertas, Laurel A.Torts & Compensation Personal Accountability & Social Responsiblity for Injury 5th ed.
Torts IIRigertas, Laurel A.Dobbs, Hayden and Bublick, Torts and Compensation, 6th ed
Torts IIRigertas, Laurel A.N/A
TrademarkKing, Yolanda2015 - No Textbook
Trusts and EstatesMorris, MalcolmNone- Professor's Handouts