Northeastern University School of Law

ClassProfessorText Book   
Alternative Dispute ResolutionGarraty, SarahDispute Resolution and Lawyers - Riskin 3rd edition
AntitrustDogan, Stacey L.Antitrust
AntitrustDogan, Stacey L.Antitrust
AntitrustDogan, Stacey L.Antitrust Law Cases and Analysis
AntitrustPatterson, MarkAntitrust Law: Policy & Practice, 4th Ed., Anderson
BankruptcyAustin, Daniel A.Bankruptcy Code
BankruptcyHillman, Robert A.No Text Book
BankruptcyHillman, Robert A.Professor's Selections
Civil Procedure ISubrin, Stephen N.2011 Civil Procedure 1L
Civil Procedure ISubrin, Stephen N.Civil Procedure
Civil Procedure ISubrin, Stephen N.Civil Procedure
Civil Procedure ISubrin, Stephen N.Civil Procedure
Civil Procedure IWilliams, LucyCIv Pro Yeazell
Civil Procedure IWilliams, Daniel R.Civil Procedure
Civil Procedure IWilliams, LucyCivil Procedure
Civil Procedure IWilliams, LucyCivil Procedure 6th Ed. - Yeazell
Civil Procedure IWilliams, LucyYeazell - Civil Procedure, 6th Ed.
Civil Procedure IWoo, Margaret Y.K.Civ pro
Civil Procedure IWoo, Margaret Y.K.Civil Procedure
Civil Procedure IWoo, Margaret Y.K.Civil Procedure
Civil Procedure IWoo, Margaret Y.K.unknown
Constitutional Law IAdler, LibbyCon Law - Stone, Seidman, Sunstein, Tushnet, Karlan (5th)
Constitutional Law IAdler, LibbyConstitutional Law
Constitutional Law IBaron, CharlesConstitutional Law, Farber
Constitutional Law IBurnham, MargaretCan't Remember
Constitutional Law IBurnham, MargaretConstitutional Law
Constitutional Law IDavis, Martha F.1L Constitutional Law
Constitutional Law IIDavis, Martha F.Can't Remember
ContractsBennett, Michael G.Contracts
ContractsEnrich, PeterContracts
ContractsEnrich, PeterContracts
ContractsEnrich, PeterContracts - Calamari & Perillo
ContractsEnrich, PeterContracts: Law in Action
ContractsEnrich, Peterunknown
ContractsHall, DavidContract I
ContractsHall, DavidContracts by Knapp
ContractsHall, DavidNo Text Book
ContractsPatterson, MarkBasic Contract Law - Fuller/Eisenberg (8th)
ContractsPhillips, David M.Contracts
ContractsPhillips, David M.Contracts
ContractsPhillips, David M.Contracts - Farnsworth
ContractsPhillips, David M.Contracts- Cases and Materials; Farnsworth & Young; 7th Ed.
ContractsPhillips, David M.unknown
Corporate TaxationSchaffer, DanielFundamentals of Corporate Taxation
Corporations (see also Business Associations)Phillips, David M.unknown
Corporations (see also Business Associations)Scott, AmyBusiness Associations - Klein 8th
Criminal JusticeZoltek-Jick, Roseunknown
Criminal LawDobson, Mark1L Crim book
Criminal LawGivelber, Daniel J.Criminal Law - Dressler, 4th Ed.
Criminal LawGivelber, Daniel J.unknown
Criminal LawWilliams, Daniel R.Can't Remember
Criminal LawWilliams, Daniel R.Crim Law Dressler
Criminal ProcedureBorenstein, IsaacCRIMINAL PROCEDURE
Criminal ProcedureGivelber, Daniel J.CRIMINAL PROCEDURE
Criminal ProcedureRamirez, Deborah A.CRIM. PRO
Criminal ProcedureRamirez, Deborah A.criminal Procedure and the Constitution by Israel, Kamisar, LaFave, King
Entertainment LawLandergan, MaryEntertainment Law
EvidenceBorenstein, IsaacCan't Remember
EvidenceBorenstein, IsaacEVIDENCE
EvidenceBorenstein, IsaacEVIDENCE
EvidenceBorenstein, IsaacEVIDENCE
EvidenceBorenstein, IsaacEvidence, Cases and Materials - Waltz, Park
EvidenceGivelber, Daniel J.Evidence - Fisher
EvidenceWilliams, Daniel R.Can't Remember
EvidenceWilliams, Daniel R.EVIDENCE
EvidenceWilliams, Daniel R.Evidence - George Fisher
EvidenceZoltek-Jick, RoseEvidence - Fisher: 2nd Edition
Family Law (see also Marital Property)Dalton, ClareFAMILY LAW
Family Law (see also Marital Property)Pitchal, ErikFamily Law Casebook
Federal CourtsWilliams, LucyFederal Courts - Weinberg
Federal CourtsWilliams, LucyFederal Courts and the Federal System, 5th ed.
Health LawAbrams, Joshua L.Health Law
Health LawMadison, Kristin6th Edition Health Law, Furrow
Immigration LawDavis, Martha F.Immigration and Refugee Law and Policy (Legomsky)
Income TaxationSchaffer, DanielBasic Federal Income Tax
Income TaxationSchaffer, DanielBasic Income Taxation
Intellectual PropertyDogan, Stacey L.INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY
Intellectual PropertyDogan, Stacey L.IP Law 2006
Intellectual PropertyDogan, Stacey L.unknown
Intellectual PropertyDyal-Chand, RashmiINTELLECTUAL PROPERTY
International Business TransactionsRolland, SoniaInternational Business Transactions
International LawRolland, SoniaCan't Remember
Labor LawKlare, KarlLABOR LAW
Labor LawSills, IraCourse Packet
Merger and AcquisitionsLutz, Karl E.Osterle case book
PatentDogan, Stacey L.Patents
PatentPatterson, MarkPatent Law by Adelman
Property IAhmed, Aziza1L Property Law Book - Red Book
Property IAhmed, AzizaI forget
Property IBaumann, Phyllis Tropper1L Property
Property IBaumann, Phyllis TropperCan't Remember
Property IBaumann, Phyllis TropperProperty
Property IBaumann, Phyllis TropperProperty
Property IBreckenridge, LeeCan't Remember
Property IBreckenridge, LeeProperty - Rabin
Property IBreckenridge, LeeProperty Law: Rules, Policies, and Practices (Singer)
Property IBreckenridge, LeeProperty: Principles & Policies (Merrill & Smith)
Property IDyal-Chand, RashmiProperty
Property IDyal-Chand, RashmiProperty Law, Singer 4th ed
Property IDyal-Chand, RashmiProperty, Singer
Property IDyal-Chand, RashmiSinger
Property IO'Connell, MaryCan't Remember
Property IO'Connell, Mary E.No Text Book
Property IO'Connell, MaryPacket
Property IO'Connell, Mary E.Property
Property IO'Connell, Mary E.Property
Property IO'Connell, MaryProperty Law, Singer, 4th Ed. (2006)
Property IO'Connell, Mary E.unknown
Property IIBreckenridge, LeeProperty . . . .
TaxShaffer, KenBasic Tax
TortsAbrams, Roger I.Tort Law and Alternatives
TortsAbrams, Roger I.Torts
TortsDalton, ClareTorts
TortsDalton, Clareunknown
TortsHackney, James1L Torts Book - Franklin and Rabin, 8th Ed
TortsHackney, JamesCan't Remember
TortsParmet, Wendy E.1L Torts (blue book)
TortsParmet, Wendy E.Franklin, Rabin & Green, Tort Law and Alternatives (9th ed. 2011)
TortsParmet, Wendy E.Textbook Unknown
TortsParmet, Wendy E.Torts
TortsParmet, Wendy E.unknown
TrademarkDogan, Stacey L.Trademarks and Unfair Competition by Dinwoodie
TrademarkStrand, John L.Unfair Competition and Trademark: Cases and Statutes
Trusts and EstatesCampia, PeterWills Trusts & Estates
Trusts and EstatesCampia, PeterWills, Trusts and Estates