North Carolina Central University School of Law

ClassProfessorText Book   
Advanced TortsCorbett, Donaldunknown
Business AssociationsClark, Todd J.BA
Business AssociationsClark, Todd J.David G. Epstein, Richard D. Freer, Michael J. Roberts, Business Structure
Business AssociationsFoy, Kevinunknown
Business AssociationsHauser, SusanBusiness Structures, Epstein & Freer, Third Edition
Business AssociationsHouser, BarbaraBA
Civil Procedure IIGreen, DavidCivil Procedure: Cases and Materials, 11th Edition (American Casebook Series) 11th Edition by Jack F
Civil Procedure IIHauser, Susan1L Civ Pro book
Commercial PaperBeckwith, James P. Jr.Whaley and S. McJohn, Problems and Materials on Commercial Law (10th ed. 2012)
Commercial PaperMombrun, ReginaldCommercial Paper and Banking
Constitutional Law IDawson, April1L Constitutional Law I - Chemerinsky red book
Constitutional Law IDawson, AprilConstitutional Law - Chemerinsky 3rd Edition
Constitutional Law IFaulks, LaTisha GotellCON LAW
Constitutional Law IJones, AmosNo Text Book
Constitutional Law ILudington, Sarah H.Chermerinsky
ContractsBeckwith, James P. Jr.Contract I
ContractsClark, Todd J.contract
ContractsMombrun, ReginaldCan't Remember
ContractsMorris, Markunknown
ContractsPolin, SandraContracts by Knapp
ContractsWright, MaryProblems in Contract Law
ContractsWright, MaryProblems in Contract Law: Cases and Materials (Knapp, Crystal, & Prince)
Contracts IIClark, Todd J.Contracts, Knapps, et al.
Contracts IIPolin, SandraProblems in Contract Law
Contracts IIWright, Mary1L Contracts class - Do Not Recall The Text
Contracts IIWright, MaryKnapp Crystal Prince Problems in Contract Law 7th Edition
Criminal LawJoyner, IrvingCriminal Law and Procedure 12th Edition Dripps
Criminal LawWallace, Michael C.1L Crim book
Criminal LawWilliams, FredBoyce, Dripps & Perkins, Criminal Law & Procedure
Criminal LawWilliams, FredCriminal Law: Cases and Materials, Fifth Edition (Kaplan, Weisberg, Bender)
Criminal ProcedureJoyner, IrvingCriminal Procedure: Principles, Policies and Perspectives 4th Edition, Dressler
Criminal ProcedureWilliams, Fredcriminal Procedure and the Constitution by Israel, Kamisar, LaFave, King 2010 Edition
Criminal ProcedureWilliams, FredNo Text Book
Decedent's EstatesBynum, Frances P.Cannot Remember
Decedent's EstatesSolari, FrancesWills, Trusts, Estates -- Dukeminier et al.
Decedent's EstatesSolari, FrancesWills, Trusts, Estates -- Dukeminier et al.
Decedent's Estates IISolari, FrancesDecedents' Estates: Cases and Materials
Employment DiscriminationClark, Todd J.Can't Remember
EvidenceFox, AdrienneEVIDENCE, A Structured Approach
EvidenceWallace, Michael C.no
Family Law (see also Marital Property)Amana, CherylCan't Remember
Family Law (see also Marital Property)Amana, CherylDomestic Relations
Family Law (see also Marital Property)Amana, CherylFamily Law Krause, Elrod, Garrison, and Oldham 2007
Family Law (see also Marital Property)Amana, CherylUnsure
Professional ResponsibilityWilliams, FredCan't Remember
Property IBynum, Frances P.Property, Dukeminier, et al., 7th Edition
Property IIEdwards, Malik1L Property - Dukeminier (8th Ed.)
Real Estate FinanceDunn, Susan StevensUnknown, sorry, I forget which edition.
SalesClark, Todd J.Sale and Lease of Goods
Sales & Secured TransactionsBeckwith, James P. Jr.UCC
TaxBranch, FeliciaCan't Remember
TaxBranch, FeliciaFederal Income Taxation (Blue Lexis Book)
TaxMombrun, ReginaldLitigation of Federal Civil Tax Controversies
TaxNunnallee, WalterBasic Federal Income Tax
TaxNunnallee, WalterINDIVIDUAL TAX
TortsCogdell, Kimberly J.Tort
TortsCogdell, KimberlyTorts Book
TortsCorbett, Donald1L Torts (blue book)
TortsCorbett, DonaldTorts by Prosser 11th Ed.
TortsDawson, AprilCan't Remember
TortsDawson, AprilProsser, Wade & Schwartz's (11th)
TortsDawson, AprilTorts by Prosser 11th Ed.
Torts IIDawson, AprilProsser, Wade & Schwartz's (11th)
Torts IIFoy, KevinCases & Materials on Torts (University Casebook Series) by Prosser 12th
Torts IIFoy, KevinProsser, Wade and Schwartz’s Torts: Cases and Materials, by Schwartz, Kelly, and Partlett (Foundatio
Torts IIFoy, KevinTorts: Cases, Problems and Exercises Weaver 3rd ed. 2009