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ClassProfessorText Book   
Administrative LawWeaver, RussellAdministrative Law
Basic Federal Income TaxBlackburn, R. ThomasBasic Federal Income Taxation 6th ed.
Business OrganizationsBlackburn, R. ThomasBusiness Associations: Cases and Materials on Agency, Partnerships, and Corporations 7th Ed.
Business OrganizationsMartin, JenniferBusiness Enterprises
Business OrganizationsNicholson, Lisa H.8th edition 2012 of Klein, Ramseyer, & Bainbridge, Business Associations: Cases and Materials
Business OrganizationsNicholson, Lisa H.Business Associations - Klein 8th
Business OrganizationsWarren, Manning G.problems in corporate law
Civil Procedure IAbramson, LeslieCivil Procedure Cases, Problems, and Exercises - Cross, Abramson, & Deason
Civil Procedure IJordan, KarenYeazell
Civil Procedure IICross, JohnCivil Procedure - Cross, Abramson
Civil Procedure IICross, JohnCivil Procedure-Cross and Abramson
Civil Procedure IIMcNeal, LauraDon't Remember
Conflicts of LawLay, NorvieConflicts of Law
Constitutional Law IAbramson, LeslieCon law I
Constitutional Law IMarcosson, Sam1L Constitutional Law I - Chemerinsky Third Edition
Constitutional Law IMarcosson, Sam2L Constitutional Law II - Chemerinsky red book
Constitutional Law IMarcosson, SamCan't Remember
Constitutional Law IPowell, Cedric1L Constitutional Law - Blue Book
Constitutional Law IPowell, CedricCOHEN, VARAT & AMAR, CONSTITUTIONAL LAW Cases and Materials (14th ed. 2013)
Constitutional Law IPowell, CedricConstitutional Law - Cohen
Constitutional Law IPowell, CedricConstitutional Law, Cases and Materials, by Cohen,
Constitutional Law ITrucios-Haynes, EnidConstiutional Law, Chemerinsky, 3d. ed.
Constitutional Law IWeaver, RussellConstitutional Law - Weaver
Constitutional Law IWeaver, RussellWeaver, et al, Constitutional Law: Cases, Materials & Problems (2006) and Supplement
Constitutional Law I (a) Federal Judicial PowerMarcosson, SamConstitutional Law - Chermerinsky
Constitutional Law IIAbramson, LeslieCon law II
Constitutional Law IIMarcosson, Sam1L Constitutional Law I - Chemerinsky Third Edition
Constitutional Law IIMarcosson, SamChemerinsky Constitutional Law Second Edition
Constitutional Law IIMarcosson, SamChemerinsky Constitutional Law Third Edition
Constitutional Law IITrucios-Haynes, EnidCon Law by Sullivan and Feldman
Constitutional Law IIWeaver, RussellCan't Remember
ContractsGiesel, GraceCases, Problems and Materials on Contracts by Crandall and Whaley
ContractsHall, TimKnapp Crystal Prince Problems in Contract Law 7th Edition
Contracts IIGiesel, GraceCases, Problems and Materials on Contracts by Crandall and Whaley
Contracts IIGiesel, Grace M.Problems in Contract Law: Cases and Materials (Knapp, Crystal, & Prince)
Contracts IINowka, RichardContracts - Knapp, Crystal & Prince, 6th Edition
Corporate TaxationLewis, Barbara B.Fundamentals of Corporate Taxation (6 Ed.) by Lind, Schwarz, Lathrope and Rosenberg.
Criminal LawMarcosson, Sam1L Criminal Law
Criminal LawMarcosson, SamCan't Remember
Criminal LawMarcosson, SamCriminal Law - Kadish
Criminal LawMarcosson, SamJohn Kaplan, Robert Weisberg & Guyora Binder, CRIMINAL LAW, CASES & MATERIALS, (7th ed. 2012)
Criminal LawMilligan, Luke1L Criminal Law Textbook, Weaver
Criminal LawPowell, Cedric2009 Crim Textbook
Criminal LawWeaver, RussellCriminal law: 2d Edition, Weaver et al.
Criminal LawWeaver, RussellCriminal Law: Cases, Materials and Problems; 2d
Criminal ProcedureAbramson, Leslie2011 Criminal Procedure Textbook
Criminal ProcedureMilligan, LukeCRIMINAL PROCEDURE
Criminal ProcedureMilligan, LukeCRIMINAL PROCEDURE: Cases, Problems & Exercises (3d ed. 2007) by Weaver, Abramson, Bacigal et al.
Criminal ProcedureWeaver, RussellCriminal Procedure: 3rd Ed; Weaver, et. al.
Criminal Procedure IIAbramson, LeslieAdvanced Criminal Procedure Cases/Materials
Criminal Procedure IIAbramson, LeslieCriminal Procedure, Cases, Problems and Exercises
Criminal Procedure IIAbramson, LeslieRussell L. Weaver, et al, Criminal Procedure: Cases, Problems and Exercises (Thomson/West, 5th Editi
Criminal Procedure IIMilligan, LukeCriminal Procedure Cases, Problems, Exercises 3rd Edition
Decedent's EstatesJones, James T.R.Decedents' Estates: Cases and Materials
Decedent's EstatesJones, James T.R.Decedents' Estates: Cases and Materials
Decedent's EstatesJones, James T.R.Estate and Trust
Decedent's EstatesLevinson, Ariana R.Decedent's Estates
Decedent's EstatesLevinson, Ariana R.Wills and Trusts
Decedent's EstatesLewis, Barbara B.Dukeminier, Sitkoff, Wills, Trusts, and Estates (9th ed.)
Decedents' Estates and TrustsJones, James T.R.Can't Remember
Domestic RelationsEwald, Linda S.Can't Remember
Domestic RelationsStenger, RobertDomestic Relations
EvidenceJordan, KarenEVIDENCE
EvidenceLevinson, Ariana R.Learning Evidence: From the Federal Rules to the Courtroom (3d Ed.) Merritt & Simmons
EvidenceLevinson, Ariana R.Merritt & Simmons, Learning Evidence: From the Federal Rules to the Courtroom, 2nd ed.
EvidencePowell, CedricCases and Materials on Evidence
EvidencePowell, CedricEvidence Cases and Materials 10th Edition
EvidenceRender, Edwin R.Evidence Cases and Materials 10th Edition
EvidenceRender, Edwin R.Rules of Evidence - Wellborn
Federal Income TaxLay, NorvieBasic Federal Income Tax
Health LawHasselbacher, MarthaHealth law : cases, materials, and problems / by Barry R. Furrow
Intellectual PropertySmith, Lars2013 - No Textbook
Legal HistoryMackey, ThomasAmerican Legal History
Legal ResearchMetzmeier, KurtKentucky Legal Research
Legal ResearchMetzmeier, KurtLEGAL RESEARCH AND WRITING
Medical MalpracticeMushlin, MichaelCourse Supplement
Negotiable InstrumentsLeibson, David J.Negotiable Instruments and Other Payment Systems: Problems and Materials
Negotiable InstrumentsLeibson, David J.Whaley, Problems and Materials on Payment Law, 8th edition
Negotiable InstrumentsNicholson, Lisa H.Negotiable Instruments
Professional ResponsibilityGeisel, GraceEthical Problems in the Practice of Law, by Lerman
Professional ResponsibilityGiesel, Grace M.Professional Responsibility Problems and Materials 9th
Professional ResponsibilityPowell, CedricEthical Problems in the Practice of Law (Lerman & Schrag, 2nd ed.)
Professional ResponsibilityPowell, CedricEthical Problems inthe Practice of Law
Property IArnold, TonyFundamentals of Modern Property Law
Property IArnold, TonyFundamentals of Modern Property Law
Property IRothstein, LauraProperty Law
Property ISmith, LarsFundamentals of Modern Property Law
Property IIArnold, TonyFundamentals of Modern Property Law
Property IIArnold, TonyREAL PROPERTY
Property IIArnold, Tonyunknown
Property IIRothstein, LauraREAL PROPERTY
Property IISmith, LarsProperty - Rabin
Real Estate TransactionsDonahue, Lee HarrisReal Estate Transactions (5th Edition) Korngold & Goldstein
RemediesWeaver, RussellWeaver, Partlett, Kelly and Cardi's Remedies: Cases, Practical Problems and Exercises, 3d (American
Secured TransactionsNowka, RichardMastering Secured Transactions
Secured TransactionsNowka, RichardNo Text Book
Secured TransactionsNowka, RichardSECURED TRANSACTIONS
Secured TransactionsSmith, LarsSecured Credit: A Systems Approach
Secured TransactionsSmith, LarsSecured Credit: A Systems Approach 6th Edition
Securities RegulationNicholson, LissaSecurities Regulation
Securities RegulationWarren, Manning G.Securities Regulation Cases and Materials -10th Edition - Coffee
Securities RegulationWarren, Manning G.Steinberg
TaxBlackburn, R. ThomasTaxation of Individual Income - Burke - 7th Ed.
TaxLay, NorvieBasic Tax
TaxLewis, Barbara B.Basic Federal Income Tax
Taxation of Individual IncomeBlackburn, R. ThomasBurke & Friel, TAXATION OF INDIVIDUAL INCOME, - 9th Edition
TortsJones, James T.R.PROSSER
TortsJones, James T.R.Prosser Wade and Schwartz, TORTS, 12 edition
TortsJones, James T.R.Tort
TortsJones, James T.R.Torts
TortsLeibson, David J.Can't Remember
TortsLeibson, David J.Torts: Cases and Materials by Prosser, Wade and Sc
Torts IIAbrams, Jamie1L Torts-Prosser, Wade, and Schwartz-12th ed,
Torts IIAbrams, JamieProsser, Wade & Schwartz, CASES AND MATERIALS ON TORTS (12th ed. 2010)
Torts IIHall, Tim1L Torts
Torts IIJones, James T.R.PROSSER
Torts IIJones, James T.R.Torts - Prosser
Torts IIJones, James T.R.Torts: Cases and Materials, 2nd Edition, Aaron D. Twerski, James A. Henderson
Torts IILeibson, David J.Torts - Prosser, Wade
Torts IIRothstein, Laura1L Torts - Red Book