University of Chicago Law School

ClassProfessorText Book   
14th Amendment LawObama, Barak1L Constitutional Law- Stone
14th Amendment LawStephanopoulos, NicholasConstitutional Law 7th Ed. (Stone, et al)
14th Amendment LawStrauss, David A.Stone, Seidman, Sunstein, Tushnet, and Karlan, Constitutional Law (7th ed. 2013)
Administrative LawEpstein, RichardAdministrative Law: Cases and Materials (5th Ed.)
Administrative LawGersen, JacobFederal Administrative Law
Administrative LawMasur, JonathanAdministrative & Regulatory Policy 6E (Breyer, Stewart, Sunstein & Spitzer)
AdmiraltySchmidt, Randall D.Admiralty (6th Ed.) Lucas & Schmidt
Advanced Civil ProcedureHubbard, William H.J.N/A - Course Packet
AntitrustKrishnamurthy, PrasadAntitrust Law in Perspective: Cases, Concepts and Problems in Competition Policy, 2nd Ed., by Gavil
AntitrustPicker, RandyNone - Course Pack
AntitrustPicker, RandyProfessor-Provided Textbook
AntitrustWood, DianePitofsky
Antitrust and Trade RegulationPicker, RandyTrade Regulations
BankruptcyBaird, DouglasBankruptcy - Baird, Jackson, Adler
BankruptcyMorrison, Edward R.Bankruptcy - Baird, Jackson, Adler
BankruptcyMorrison, Edward R.Bankruptcy - Baird, Jackson, Adler
Business AssociationsIsenbergh, JosephBusiness Association - Klein
Business Associations (See also Corporations)Isenbergh, JosephBiz Org
Business OrganizationsFischel, DanielCases and Materials on Corporations Including Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies, 11th
Business OrganizationsGeis, George S.Business Associations - Klein - 8th edition
Business OrganizationsWilliams, Kelli A.Klein, Ramseyer and Bainbridge's Business Associations
Civil Procedure IBaird, CharlesCivil Procedure
Civil Procedure IBuss, EmilyAssigned Text
Civil Procedure IBuss, EmilyCivil Procedure (Yeazell, 8th Ed.)
Civil Procedure IBuss, EmilyCivil Procedure Cases and Materials
Civil Procedure IBuss, EmilyCourse Pack
Civil Procedure IBuss, EmilyCustom Edition
Civil Procedure IHubbard, William H.J.11th edition of Civil Procedure Cases and Materials by Friedenthal, Miller, Sexton & Hershkoff
Civil Procedure IHubbard, William H.J.Civil Procedure Miller & Friedenthal 11th Edition
Civil Procedure ISamaha, AdamCivil Procedure
Civil Procedure IYeazell, Stephen1L Civil Procedure Casebook by Yeazell
Civil Procedure IIBuss, EmilyCivil Procedure 6th Ed. - Yeazell
Civil Procedure IICasey, Anthony11th edition of Civil Procedure Cases and Materials by Friedenthal, Miller, Sexton & Hershkoff
Civil Procedure IICasey, AnthonyCiv Pro - Friedenthal 10th edition
Civil Procedure IICox, AdamCivil Procedure Friedenthal, Miller, Sexton, Hershkofi 9th edition
Civil Procedure IICox, MichaelCivil Procedure II
Civil Procedure IIHubbard, William H.J.Course Packet
Civil Procedure IIWood, DianeCivil Procedure
Civil Procedure IIWood, DianeCivil Procedure Cases and Materials, Friedenthal, Miller, Sexton, and Hershkoff (11th)
Comparative Legal InstitutionsGinsburg, TomGinsburg and Garoupa, JUDICIAL REPUTATION: A COMPARATIVE THEORY
Comparative Legal InstitutionsGinsburg, TomProf assigns readings through Canvas
Constitutional Law IBaude, WilliamThe constitution of the united states by paulsen calabresi mcconnel and bray 2d Edition
Constitutional Law IStrauss, David A.Constituional Law
Constitutional Law IIStone, Geoffrey R.Constitutional Law by Stone, Seidman, SUnstein, Tu
Constitutional Law IIStrauss, David A.Constitutional Law - 5th Edition - Stone
Constitutional Law II: Freedom of SpeechSamaha, AdamConstitutional Law
Constitutional Law II: Freedom of SpeechStone, Geoffrey R.No Text Book
Constitutional StructuresBaude, William“The Constitution of the United States” by Paulsen, Calabresi, McConnell, Bray (Second Edition
Consumer LawBen Shahar, OmriConsumer Transactions, Greenfield
ContractsBaird, CharlesContract I
ContractsBaird, DouglasContracts
ContractsBaird, DouglasContracts
ContractsBaird, DouglasContracts
ContractsBaird, DouglasContracts
ContractsBaird, DouglasDawson, Harvey, Henderson & Baird, "Contracts: Case and Comment (9th Ed., Foundation Press)
ContractsPosner, Eric1L Contracts Book
ContractsPosner, EricContract- Dawson
ContractsPosner, EricContract- Dawson
ContractsPosner, EricContracts: Cases And Comment (University Casebooks) (University Casebook Series) 9th Edition
Contracts IIMorrison, Edward R.Dawson, Harvey, Henderson & Baird, "Contracts: Case and Comment (9th Ed., Foundation Press)
CopyrightLevmore, SaulCopyright Cases and Materials [Hardcover] by Robert A. Gorman
CopyrightPicker, RandyCourse Pack
CopyrightPicker, RandyNo textbook
Corporate Income TaxIsenbergh, JosephNo Texbook
Corporations (see also Business Associations)Isenbergh, JosephCORPORATIONS
Corporations (see also Business Associations)Isenbergh, JosephCORPORATIONS
Criminal LawHarcourt, BernardCriminal Law
Criminal LawLakier, GenevieveKadish et al. Criminal Law and its Processes (9th ed., Wolters Kluwer 2012)
Criminal LawMasur, JonathanSanford Kadish, Stephen Schulhofer, & Carol Steiker, Criminal Law and Its Processes
Criminal LawMcAdams, RichardCases and Materials on Criminal Law by Joshua Dressler
Criminal LawMcAdams, RichardCriminal Law and its Processes (Kadish)
Criminal LawMcAdams, RichardCriminal Law Casebook
Criminal LawMcAdams, RichardKadish, Schulhofer, Steiker, & Barkow, Criminal Law and Its Processes, 9th ed
Criminal LawMiles, ThomasCriminal Law and Its Processes (Kadish, 8th ed.)
Criminal ProcedureMcAdams, RichardAllen, Hoffman, Livingston, & Stuntz, Criminal Procedure: Investigation and Right to Counsel (2005)
Criminal Procedure: Bail to JailSiegler, AlisonCant remember
Economic Analysis of LawMalani, AnupEconomic Analysis of Law, Posner, 7th Ed.
Economic Analysis of LawMalani, Anupno textbook now
Economic Analysis of LawMalani, AnupNone - Course Pack (7th Posner optional readings)
ElementsStrahilevitz, LiorN/A
ElementsStrauss, David A.Course Packet
ElementsStrauss, David A.N/A - Handouts
ElementsStrauss, David A.none - professor supplied material
Elements of LawDixon, RosalindNo Text Book
Elements of LawMcAdams, RichardInstructor Supplied
Elements of LawStone, Geoffrey R.Perilous Times
Elements of LawSunstein, CassCourse Pack
Employment DiscriminationWhitehead, JamesCases and Materials on Employment Discrimination
Entertainment LawBiber, EricENVIRONMENTAL LAW
Equal Protection LawRosenberg, Gerald1L Constitutional Law- Stone
EvidenceBuss, EmilyPrinciples of Evidence, Lilly
EvidenceLeiter, BrianEvidence by George Fisher
Federal Criminal LawMiles, ThomasFederal Criminal Law by Norman Abrams
Federal Criminal ProcedureSiegler, AlisonAdvanced Criminal Procedure: Cases, Comments and Questions, 13th - Yale Kamisar et. al.
Federal Income TaxIsenbergh, JosephFederal Income Taxation, Klein 14th Edition
Federal Regulation of SecuritiesHenderson, M. ToddCoffee & Sale, Securities Regulation (13th Edition Foundation Press)
Intellectual PropertyLandes, WilliamIntellectual Property, Barrett 2nd
International LawGinsburg, TomInternational Law: Cases and Materials
International TradeAbebe, DanielInternational Economic Relations
International TradeBradford, AnuLegal Problems of International Economic Relations
JurisprudenceLeiter, Briancourse pack (no book)
Land UseFennell, LeeDAVID L. CALLIES ET AL., CASES AND MATERIALS ON LAND USE (5th edition, West 2008)
Law of Sexuality and Sexual OrientationMadigan, JamesNo Text Book
Law SkillsSunstein, Cassunknown
Legal ProfessionAlberts, BarryRegulation of Lawyers: Problems of Law and Ethics, 9th ed - Gillers
LegislationGersen, JacobLegislation - Eskeridge & Frickey
Merger and AcquisitionsDavis, Alicia J.No Text
PatentLichtman, DouglasPatent Law and Policy: Cases and Materials 4th edition, Merges and Duffy
PatentMasur, JonathanPatent Law and Policy: Cases and Materials
Property IFennell, LeeProperty
Property IFennell, LeeProperty - Dukeminier
Property IFennell, LeePROPERTY, Dukeminier, Krier, Alexander, & Schill (Sixth Edition, Aspen)
Property IHelmholz, Richard1L Property - Blue Book
Property IHelmholz, RichardGambling Law
Property IHelmholz, RichardGambling Law
Property IStrahilevitz, LiorDukeminier & Krier Property
Property IStrahilevitz, LiorDukeminier, Krier, Alexander, Schill
Property IStrahilevitz, LiorProperty - Dukemenier
Property IStrahilevitz, LiorProperty - Dukeminier (6th Ed.)
Property IStrahilevitz, LiorProperty - Dukeminier (6th Ed.)
Property IIStrahilevitz, LiorDukeminier, Krier, Alexander, Schill (7th ed. 2010)
Public International LawPosner, EricPublic International Law
Race and the LawHutchinson, DennisNo Text Book
RemediesPorat, ArielRemedies - Laycock
Secured TransactionsBaird, DouglasPicker
Secured TransactionsPicker, RandySecured Transactions Compiled Textbook Packet, Picker
Securities RegulationHenderson, M. ToddCoffee & Sale - Securities Regulation Cases and Materials (12th Ed 2012)
Securities RegulationMiles, ThomasSecurities Regulation Cases and Materials, Sixth Edition
TortsEpstein, RichardThe torts process
TortsEpstein, RichardTorts - Epstien
TortsFennell, LeeCases & Materials in Torts - Epstein
TortsFennell, LeeFarnsworth 7th Edition
TortsGersen, JacobTorts: Cases and Questions Farnsworth
TortsHenderson, M. ToddCases & Questions by Farnsworth and Grady
TortsHenderson, M. ToddCases and Materials on TORTS Epstein 9th edition
TortsLevmore, Saul1L Torts - Red Book
TortsLevmore, Saul1L Torts - Red Book
TortsLevmore, SaulFarnsworth
TortsLevmore, SaulTorts
TortsLevmore, SaulTorts
TortsLevmore, SaulTorts
TrademarkLandes, WilliamTrademark Law
Trusts and EstatesDavis, AdrienneWills, Trusts, and Estates, 6th Ed.