University of Idaho

ClassProfessorText Book   
Administrative LawSeamon, RichardAdministrative Law
Administrative LawSeamon, RichardAdministrative Law (Seamon and Reese)
Administrative LawSeamon, RichardProfessor Seamon's Casebook
Advanced TortsLillard, MoniqueTorts- Franklin, Rabin & Green, 9th ed
AntitrustAnderson, MarkAntitrust Analysis 7th Ed, Areeda/Kaplow
AntitrustAnderson, MarkAntitrust and Trade Regulation, Aspen 4th Edition
BankruptcyElsaesser, FordBankruptcy Law and Practice, 2nd Edition
BankruptcyElsaesser, FordBankruptcy: Cases and Materials (4th Ed.) Margaret Howard
Business AssociationsAnderson, MarkBUSINESS ASSOCIATIONS
Business AssociationsAnderson, MarkCorporations & Other Business Associations 2007 : Charles O'Kelly, Robert B. Thompson
Business Associations (See also Corporations)Anderson, Mark D.Casebook, O'Kelley and Thompson, Corporations and Other Business Associations 2014, 7th
Business OrganizationsHaan, SarahBusiness Organizations Cases And Materials Unabridged Eleventh Edition
Civil Procedure IEaglewoman, Angelique11th edition of Civil Procedure Cases and Materials by Friedenthal, Miller, Sexton & Hershkoff
Civil Procedure IEaglewoman, Angelique1L Civ Pro book
Civil Procedure ISeamon, RichardRichard D. Freer & Wendy Collins Perdue, CIVIL PROCEDURE: CASES, MATERIALS, AND QUESTIONS (LexisNexi
Civil Procedure IIEaglewoman, Angelique?
Civil Procedure IIEaglewoman, Angelique11th edition of Civil Procedure Cases and Materials by Friedenthal, Miller, Sexton & Hershkoff
Civil Procedure IIEaglewoman, Angelique1L Civ Pro book
Civil Procedure IISeamon, Richard1 L Civil procedure
Civil Procedure IISeamon, RichardCan't Remember
Civil Procedure IISeamon, RichardCivil Procedure
Civil Procedure IISeamon, RichardRichard D. Freer & Wendy Collins Perdue, CIVIL PROCEDURE: CASES, MATERIALS, AND QUESTIONS (LexisNexi
Community Property (see also Family Law and Marital Property)Brandt, ElizabethCOMMUNITY PROPERTY
Community Property (see also Family Law and Marital Property)Brandt, ElizabethHer own book
Constitutional Law IMacDonald, JamesConstitutional Law, Chemerinsky
Constitutional Law IMcLeod, AmanConLaw - Chemerinsky
Constitutional Law ISeamon, RichardAmerican Constitutional Law: Powers and Liberties (2nd Ed.) Massey
Constitutional Law ISeamon, RichardMassey 3d
Constitutional Law IIMacDonald, JamesConstitutional Law, Chemerinsky
Constitutional Law IISanders, ShaakirrahChemerinsky
Constitutional Law IISanders, ShaakirrahConstitutional-Casebook-Series-Erwin-Chemerinsky
Constitutional Law IISeamon, RichardAmerican Constitutional Law Edition: 5th Massey
ContractsBridy, Annemarie1L Contracts Book
ContractsBridy, AnnemarieCan't Remember
ContractsSatz, MichaelNo textbook
ContractsSatz, MichaelProblems in Contract Law - Cases and Materials (Knapp, Crystal and Prince 6th Ed. 2007 Aspen Publish
ContractsSatz, MichaelProblems in Contract law - Knapp 6th Edition
Contracts IIBridy, AnnemarieFarnsworth
Contracts IISatz, MichaelContract Law and Theory, Scott and Kruas, Fourth Edition
Creditors RightsSatz, MichaelCreditors Rights
Creditors RightsSatz, MichaelNo Text Book
Criminal LawAnderson, Mark D.1L Crim Law Textbook
Criminal LawWilliams, Alan F.?
Criminal ProcedureBurnett, Donald L.Cases and Problems in Criminal Procedure: The Courtroom
Criminal ProcedureBurnett, Donald L.Criminal Procedure Lexis
Criminal ProcedureSanders, ShaakirrahChemerinsky & Levenson
Criminal ProcedureSanders, ShaakirrahCriminal Procedure Chemerinsky & Levenson
Criminal ProcedureWilliams, Alan F.Con Law book
Education LawRumel, JohnEducation Law, Policy, and Practice
EvidenceCover, AlizaA Modern Approach To Evidence, 4th Edition
EvidenceLewis, D. CraigEVIDENCE
EvidenceRumel, JohnEvidence Fisher 3rd Edition 2013
EvidenceWilliams, Alan F.Evidence Fisher
Federal CourtsMacDonald, JamesFederal Courts
Insurance LawGriffiths, Kevin A.Insurance Law and Regulation (Abraham)
Internet LawBridy, AnnemarieGrimmelmann, Internet Law (Digital Copy)
Introduction to Intellectual PropertyBridy, AnnemarieINTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW: CASES & MATERIALS, Lydia Pallas Loren
Law of the WorkplaceLillard, Monique2015 no text
Negotiable InstrumentsBeard, D. BenjaminNegotiable Instruments
Property IBeard, D. Benjamin1L Property - Dukeminier (7th Ed.)
Property IBeard, Benjamin1L Property Law
Property IBeard, D. BenjaminDukeminier & Krier Property
Property IBeard, BenjaminProperty
Property IBeard, BenjaminProperty 5th Ed. - Dukeminier
Property ILong, Jerrold A.???
Property ILong, Jerrold A.??????
Property ILong, Jerrold A.1L Property - Dukeminier
Property IVincenti, SheldonProperty Law
Property IIBeard, Benjamin1L Property
Property IICosens, BarbaraCan't Remember
Property SecurityBeard, BenjaminSecured Credit: A Systems Approach (7th ed. 2012)
Property SecurityCouture, WendySecured Credit: A Systems Approach, Seventh Edition (Aspen Casebook) by Lynn M. LoPucki and Elizabet
Real Estate TransactionsMacDonald, JamesNo Text Book
Real Estate TransactionsMacDonald, JamesNo Text Book
RemediesLillard, MoniqueNone
RemediesRumel, JohnModern American Remedies: Cases & Materials [Hardcover] [2010]
SalesBeard, D. BenjaminCan't Remember
SalesBeard, BenjaminSale of Goods: Reading & Applying the Code
SalesBeard, D. Benjaminunknown
Securities RegulationCouture, WendySecurity Regulations Cases and Analysis
TaxMiller, John A.The FUndamentals of Federal Taxation
TortsGoble, Dale D.1 L Torts
TortsGoble, Dale D.1L Torts - BLUE Book
TortsGoble, Dale D.1L Torts (blue book)
TortsGoble, Dale D.Can't Remember
TortsGoble, Dale D.Can't Remember
TortsLillard, MoniqueTort Law and Alternatives- Franklin Seventh Edition
Water LawCosens, Barbaran/a - provided materials
Wills and TrustsBrandt, ElizabethWills and Trusts
Wills, Trusts, and EstatesBrandt, ElizabethCan't Remember
Wills, Trusts, and EstatesBrandt, ElizabethWill, Trust, and Estates
Workplace LawWilde, AnneEmployment Law Rothsein Seventh Edition