University of New Mexico

ClassProfessorText Book   
Administrative LawBenson, ReedAdministrative Procedure & Practice 4th Edition Funk
Administrative LawGauna, EileenAdministrative Law (Funk, Shapiro, Weaver)
Advanced Constitutional LawEllis, James W.Collection of cases and notes/questions compiled by professor
BioethicsSuzuki, CarolBioethics and the Law
Business AssociationsMathewson, Alfred D.Business Associaitons- Klien
Business AssociationsMathewson, Alfred D.Business Associations : J. Mark Ramseyer, Stephen M. Bainbridge, William A Klein 9th Ed.
Civil Procedure ICarey, CamilleCivil Procedure (Yeazell 9th)
Civil Procedure IGomez, LauraCivil Procedure 6th Ed. - Yeazell
Civil Procedure ILopez, Antoinette SedilloOcchialion's Compilation - Print Center
Civil Procedure IMinzner, Max1 L Civil procedure
Civil Procedure IOcchialino, TedNo Text
Civil Procedure IOcchialino, TedUNM Wang Civ Pro by Wolters Kluwer. Wolters Kluwer Law & Business, 1st Edition. ISBN: 9781454860525
Civil Procedure IIOcchialino, TedAdvanced Civil Procedure
Comparative and Historical Legal PerspectivesBaum, MarshaN/A-Course Packet
Constitutional Law IBrowde, MichaelConstitutional Law by Stone, Seidman, SUnstein, Tu
Constitutional Law IEllis, James W.Ellis' Compilation - Copy Center
Constitutional Law IIKovnat, RuthConstitutional Law Sullivan
Constitutional Law IISchwartz, Robert L.Unsure, NOT Chemerinsky's text though
Constitutional Law IISidhu, DawinderChemerinksy, Constitutional Law
Constitutional RightsVilla, CliffConstitutional Law Sullivan (19th Edition)
ContractsDesiderio, Robert1L contracts book, red cover
ContractsHart, Frederick1L Contracts Blum / Bushaw
ContractsMartin, Nathalieunknown
ContractsMathewson, Alfred D.Blum & Bushaw Contracts, Cases, Discussions, & Problems, Second Ed. Aspen, 2008
ContractsMathewson, Alfred D.unknown
ContractsPareja, SergioContracts, unknown
Criminal LawBay, NormanCriminal Law - Dressler
Criminal LawBay, NormanCriminal Law - Dressler
Criminal LawBay, NormanCriminal Law Dressler
Criminal LawEllis, James W.Cases and Material on Criminal Law - Dressler 5th ed.
Criminal LawEllis, James W.Cases and Materials on Criminal Law (5th Edition) by Joshua Dressler
Criminal LawEllis, James W.Cases and Materials on Criminal Law, Dressler 6th Ed.
Criminal LawRapapport, ElizabethDon't Remember
Criminal ProcedureBay, NormanCivil Procedure Cases and Materials
Criminal ProcedureRapaport, Elizabeth2012 Criminal Procedure Textbook
Criminal Procedure IIRomero, LeoMyron Moskovitz, Cases and Problems in Criminal Law (6th ed. Lexis 2012)
Environmental LawGauna, EileenEnvironmental Regulation: Law, Science and Policy, 6th ed. (2009), Percival
Ethical LawyeringRapaport, ElizabethEthical Problems in the Practice of Law (Lerman & Schrag, 2nd ed.)
Ethical LawyeringSlease, BillRules of Ethics
EvidenceBach, GeorgeEVIDENCE Cases, Commentary, and Problems by Sklansky, Second Edition
EvidenceBergman, BarbaraCases and Materials on Evidence
EvidenceBergman, BarbaraDon't Remember
EvidenceBergman, BarbaraNo Text Book
EvidenceCreel, BarbaraRules of Evidence - Wellborn
Family Law (see also Marital Property)Sedillo-Lobez, AntoinetteFAMILY LAW
Federal Courts and JurisdictionWolfley, JeanetteFEDERAL COURTS: Cases and Materials on Judicial Federalism and the Lawyering Process
Federal Income TaxPareja, SergioFundamentals of Federal Income Tax
Health Care LawSchwartz, Robert L.Health Law (Furrow,etc.) 6th Ed.
International Environmental LawVilla, CliffInternational Law for the Environment
Introduction to Constitutional LawBach, GeorgeCherminsky - 5th Ed
Legal ResearchThomas, SherriImpeccable Research
Professional ResponsibilityStout, DavidLerman & Schrag, Ethical Problems in the Practice of Law (2nd Ed. 2008)
Property IBaum, Marsha1L Property - Dukeminier (8th Ed.)
Property IBaum, Marsha1L Property Law Book By Dukeminier
Property IBaum, MarshaProperty - Dukeminier (6th Ed.)
Property IBobroff, Kip1L Property Casebook Dukeminier 8th Ed.
Property IFritz, ChristianCases and Text on Property
Property IGauna, Eileen1L Property - Dukeminier (7th Ed.)
Property IGauna, Eileen1L Property Law Book By Dukeminier 7th Ed.
Property IGauna, EileenProperty - Dukemenier
Property IWolf, SheriProperty - Dukeminier (6th Ed.)
Property IIFritz, Christian1L Property Casebook Dukeminier 7th Ed.
SalesHart, FrederickSales: A Systems Approach by Daniel Keating ISBN 9780735576452
Sales and LeasingBaum, MarthaCOMMERCIAL LAW – SALES
Secured TransactionsTu, KevinLynn M. LoPucki & Elizabeth Warren, Secured Credit: ASystmes Approach (6th ed. 2009)
TortsCarey, CamilleDon't Remember
TortsHughes, Scott1L Torts
TortsHughes, Scott1L Torts (blue book)
TortsLaVelle, John P.Dobbs, Hayden & Bublick, Torts and Compensation (Concise 7th ed. 2013)
TortsOcchialino, TedOcchialion's Torts Compilation - Print Center
TortsPareja, MaryD. Vetri, L. Levine, J. Vogel & I. Gassama, Tort Law and Practice (Lexis Nexis, 4th ed. 2011)
TortsSuzuki, CarolCourse Packet
Water LawBenson, ReedWater Resource Management by Tarlock, Corbridge, Getches & Benson (Foundation Press, 6th ed., 2009)
Water LawBenson, ReedWater Resource Management, Tarlock, Corbridge, Getches & Benson 7th ed.
Wills and TrustsBurr, SherriWills, Trusts, and Estates (7th Ed. Dukeminier)