Texas Southern University

ClassProfessorText Book   
9/11 and the ConstitutionJackson, Craig9/11 and the Constitution-Seminar HANDOUTS ONLY
Business AssociationsCotton, James A.Cases and materials on Business Associations
Business AssociationsDuruigbo, EmekaBUSINESS ASSOCIATIONS
Business AssociationsDuruigbo, Emekadon't recall- check the syllabus
Business AssociationsJohnson, MarciaNo textbook
Business AssociationsJohnson, MarciaTexas Business Association: TSU Edition
Business Associations (See also Corporations)Cotton, James A.BUSINESS ASSOCIATIONS
Business Associations (See also Corporations)Duruigbo, EmekaBUSINESS ASSOCIATIONS
Business Associations (See also Corporations)Duruigbo, EmekaClosely Held Business Organization: Case, Materials, & Problems. Robert A. Ragazzo & Douglas K. Moll
Business Associations (See also Corporations)Duruigbo, EmekaClosely Held Business Organizations
Business Associations (See also Corporations)Wenger, Kaimipono DavidI dont remember.
Civil Procedure IButler, MargueriteA. Benjamin Spencer, Civil Procedure: A Contemporary Approach (2d ed. 2008)
Civil Procedure IJohnson, MarciaCivil Procedure - Yeazell, 6th Edition
Commercial LawGreen, SallyProblems and Materials on Commercial Law, 9th Ed, Whaley
Commercial LawMarchetti, PeterProblems and Materials on Commercial Law
Commercial LawNelson, Eboni S.unknown
Commercial LawWolff, KamilleCommercial Transactions - A Systems Approach 3rd E
Constitutional Law IJames, Michael1L Constitutional Law- Stone_6th
Constitutional Law I (a) Federal Judicial PowerWeeden, L. DarnellConsitutional Law, 17th Edition, Sullivan and Gunther
Consumer LawChukwumerije, Okezie2012 - No Textbook
Consumer ProtectionRudley, dociaTexas Consumer Law
ContractsChukwumerije, Okezie1L contracts book, red cover
ContractsChukwumerije, OkezieBlum & Bushaw Contracts, Cases, Discussions, & Problems, Second Ed. Aspen, 2008
ContractsChukwumerije, OkezieContracts Blum & Bushaw
ContractsDouglas, James1L Contracts Book
ContractsJackson, FaithC. Knapp, N. Crystal & H. Prince, Problems in Contract Law: Cases and Materials 7th ed.
ContractsJackson, FaithCases, Problems and Materials on Contracts by Crandall and Whaley
ContractsJackson, CraigProblems in Contract law - Knapp 6th Edition
ContractsJackson, FaithProblems in contract law. cases and materials. sixth edition. by knapp, crystal and prince
ContractsPawlowic, Dean? dont remember
ContractsSalinas, Lupe1L Crim Law casebook
ContractsWu, Edieth Y.Problems in Contract Law, Cases & Materials Knapp/Crystal/Prince (7th ed
Criminal LawJames, Michael1L Criminal Law Book
Criminal LawJames, MichaelCases and Material on Criminal Law - Dressler 5th ed.
Criminal LawSalinas, Lupe1l Criminal Law Book Dressler 6th Edition
Criminal LawWalker, AprilCriminal Law: Cases & Materials, Seventh Edition
Criminal ProcedureSalinas, LupeModern Criminal Procedure, 11th ed. Kamisar, LaFav
Criminal ProcedureWalker, April2011 Criminal Procedure Textbook
Criminal ProcedureWalker, AprilCriminal Procedure Case Materials & Question Author: Loewy Edition: 3rd Publisher: LexisNexis
Domestic RelationsJames, Anna T.Domestic Relations Casebook
Domestic RelationsJames, Anna T.FAMILY LAW
Employment DiscriminationLonda, JeffEmployment Discrimination Law: Cases & Materials on Equality in the Workplace
EvidenceSalinas, LupeThe Rules of Evidence, Cases & Materials by Olin Guy Wellborn
EvidenceSpearItCases & Materials on the Rules of Evidence, 6th edition, Olin Guy Wellborn
Federal Income TaxAitsebaomo, Gabriel2010 Federal Taxation
Federal Income TaxAitsebaomo, GabrielBasic Federal Income Tax
Federal Income TaxAitsebaomo, GabrielBasic Federal Income Tax
Federal JurisdictionLevy, MartyCan't Remember
Federal JurisdictionLevy, MartyFederal Courts: Cases and Materials 4th Ed (1990) by Currie
Federal JurisdictionLevy, MartyFederal Jurisdiction
First AmendmentWeeden, L. DarnellConstitutional Law- Sullivan and Gunther 16th Edition
Local GovernmentKleven, TomLOCAL GOVERNMENT
Oil and GasBullock, JamesCases and Materials on Oil and Gas Law 5th Edition-Lowe
Oil and GasDuruigbo, EmekaNo textbook
Oil and GasDuruigbo, EmekaNo textbook
Property IKleven, TomProperty Law Vol. 1 and 2 by Kleven
Property IKleven, TomProperty Law Volume 1 & 2 Kleven
Real PropertyColon-Navarro, FernandoProperty - Custom, Revised - Fernando Colon-Navarro
Securities RegulationCotton, James A.Securities Regulation Cases & Materials 5th ed.
TaxBeard, JosephTaxation of Individual Income - Burke, 8th Ed.
TortsFain, Constance F.1L Torts
TortsFain, Constance F.Prosser, Wade & Schwartz’s
TortsPollard, deannaTort Law
TortsPollard, deannaTort Law
TortsRansom, ElsaTorts
TortsRansom, ElsaTorts & Compensation, Dobbs (2009)
TortsRansom, Elsaunknown
TortsStewart, Rebeccano book
TortsWeeden, L. DarnellProsser, Wade and Schwartz, Torts, Cases and Materials, 11th Ed.
Torts IIRansom, ElsaD. on contracts
Trusts and EstatesCarrington, McKenCarrington Supplement
Trusts and EstatesCarrington, McKenWills, Trusts & Estates-Dukeminier 8th
Wills and Trust LawCarrington, McKenWills & Trusts: Dukeminier, Johanson, etc
Wills and TrustsCarrington, McKenWills, Trusts, and Estates (7th Ed. Dukeminier)