SchoolProfessorText Book   
Boston College Law SchoolRepetti, JimTaxation
Georgetown University Law CenterCohen, StephenCohen - Self-Authored Text
Georgetown University Law CenterFaulhaber, LilianGraetz and Schenk, Federal Income Taxation: Principles and Policies, (2013) 7th Edition
Georgetown University Law CenterGalle, BrianTax Textbook - don't remember
Georgetown University Law CenterGustafson, Charles H.Federal Income Taxation - Cases Problems, and Materials - 4th Edition
Harvard Law SchoolBrennan, Thomas J.Basic Federal Income Taxation 8th ed.
Harvard Law SchoolDesai, MihirNo textbook
Temple UniversityMonroe, AndreaSchmalbeck & Zelenak, Federal Income Taxation, 4th Edition (2015)
University of KentuckyMoore, Kathryn L.Taxation of Individual Income (Burke & Friel, 11th ed.)
USCMcCaffery, EdwardMcCaffery
Wayne State University Law SchoolSchenk, Alan2016 Federal Taxation
WMU-CooleyMatthews, Daniel W.Understanding Federal Income Tax