Vermont Law School

Class Professor Text Book
Administrative Law Beyranevand, Laurie Admin Law
Administrative Law Kreis, Donald M. Administrative Law: A Contemporary Approach (Popper, 1st Ed.)
Administrative Law West, Jessica Administrative Law (Schwartz Corrado 6th ed.)
Civil Procedure I Gardina, Jackie 1L Civ-Pro Book black cover with a cd
Civil Procedure I Gardina, Jackie Civil Procedure, A Contemporary Approach. Spencer
Civil Procedure I Greabe, John 1L Civ Pro book
Civil Procedure I Stephens, Pamela Civil Procedure: Cases and Materials 9th Ed by Friedenthal, Miller, Sexton & Hershkoff
Civil Procedure II Reyes, Rene Glannon
Civil Procedure II Stephens, Pamela Civil Procedure, Cases and Matierial, Friedenthal, Miller, Sexton and Hershkoff
Constitutional Law I Greabe, John Con Law (Red text)
Constitutional Law I Robinson, Hilary Brest, et al., Process of Constitutional Decisionmaking, Aspen, 5th Edition, 2006; Robert McCloskey
Constitutional Law I Tuholske, Jack Forgot
Constitutional Law II Hanna CON LAW
Constitutional Law II Teachout, Peter R. 1L Constitutional Law Chemerinsky
Contracts Ferber, Paul CONTRACTS: CASES AND DOCTRINE (Aspen Publ. 3rd ed. 2003)
Contracts Firestone, David B. Contracts
Contracts Firestone, David B. Fuller and Eisenberg; West Publishers
Contracts Firestone, David B. Fuller; West Publishers
Contracts Risch, Michael C. Knapp, N. Crystal & H. Prince, Problems in Contract Law: Cases and Materials 7th ed.
Contracts Smiddy, Linda CONTRACTS - CALAMARI, 3RD ED.
Contracts Taub, Jennifer 1L Contracts
Criminal Law Martinez-Campbell, Michele Kaplan
Criminal Law Meyer, Philip Joshua Dressler & Stephen Garvey, Cases and Materials on Criminal Law (Sixth Edition)
Environmental Law Firestone, David B. No Text Book
Environmental Law Purdom, Rebecca Environmental Law and Policy: Nature, Law and Society, 3rd Ed. - Plater, et al.
Environmental Law Tuholske, Jack Environmental Law & Policy
Environmental Law Tuholske, Jack Environmental Regulation: Law, Science and Policy, 6th ed. (2009), Percival
Evidence Gagnon, Robert A Modern Approach to Evidence 3rd.
Evidence Gimenez, Clara Learning Evidence: From the Federal Rules to the Courtroom (3d Ed.) Merritt & Simmons
Evidence Gimenez, Clara No Case Book
Evidence Kreiling, Kenneth R. Can't Remember
Evidence Kreiling, Kenneth R. Can't Remember
International Environmental Law Scott, Jessica International Environmental Law and Policy 2nd Ed.
Legislation and Regulation Scanlan, Melissa Legislation and Regulation by John F. Manning and Matthew C. Stephenson
National Security Law Dycus, Stephen National Security Law and Counterterrorism Law by Stephen Dycus
Property I Echeverria, John 1L Property Casebook Dukeminier 8th Ed.
Property I Loder, Reed Property 8th, Dukeminier & Krier
Property I Loder, Reed Property by Singer
Property I Schmidt, Elizabeth 1L Property Casebook
Property I Vesilind, Pamela No Text
Remedies Rachlin, Robert Modern American Remedies: Cases and Materials, by Douglas Laycock
Sales McCann, Michael Sales, Cases and Material Fifth Ediction - Benfield & Greenfield
Torts Judy, Martha Cases and Materials on Torts (Prosser)
Torts Latham, Mark 1L Torts Book - Franklin and Rabin, 8th Ed
Torts Vogel, Joan Authored by Professor-blue book
Torts Vogel, Joan No Text Book
Torts Vogel, Joan Tort Law and Practice, Fourth Edition
Torts II Brogan, Doris Advanced Torts: Cases And Materials
Wills and Estates Willbanks, Stephanie Will, Trust, and Estates
Wills, Trusts, and Estates Willbanks, Stephanie Trust, Wills and Estates