School Professor Text Book    
Boston College Law School Repetti, Jim Taxation
Georgetown University Law Center Cohen, Stephen Cohen - Self-Authored Text
Georgetown University Law Center Faulhaber, Lilian Graetz and Schenk, Federal Income Taxation: Principles and Policies, (2013) 7th Edition
Georgetown University Law Center Faulhaber, Lilian Michael J. Graetz and Deborah Schenk, FEDERAL INCOME TAXATION: PRINCIPLES AND POLICIES (Foundation Press 7th Edition)
Georgetown University Law Center Galle, Brian Tax Textbook - don't remember
Georgetown University Law Center Gustafson, Charles H. Federal Income Taxation - Cases Problems, and Materials - 4th Edition
Harvard Law School Brennan, Thomas J. Bankman, Shaviro, and Stark. Federal Income Taxation  16th ed.    ISBN: 9781454809968. Wolters Kluwer Law and Business. 
Harvard Law School Brennan, Thomas J. Basic Federal Income Taxation 8th ed.
Harvard Law School Desai, Mihir No textbook
Temple University Monroe, Andrea Schmalbeck & Zelenak, Federal Income Taxation, 4th Edition (2015)
University of Kentucky Moore, Kathryn L. Taxation of Individual Income (Burke & Friel, 11th ed.)
USC McCaffery, Edward McCaffery
Wayne State University Law School Schenk, Alan 2016 Federal Taxation
Wisconsin Law School Schnur, Robert Provided Materials
WMU-Cooley Matthews, Daniel W. Understanding Federal Income Tax
WMU-Cooley McCollum, Catherine Individual Income Taxation by Larson